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Pension Benefit Related Information
How to request corrections to your Covered Employment.
This Early Retirement Quick Guide is a user-friendly reference of the Early Retirement Procedures - Participant Notice (the 'Notice'). It does not replace the Notice.
To comply with federal law, the Fund requires that a participant may begin receiving a pension benefit before normal retirement age only if he or she retires from all employment with employers contributing to the Fund. These Early Retirement Procedures set forth the Fund's rules for determining whether a participant has retired and is therefore eligible to begin receiving an early retirement pension for participants who commence an early retirement pension on and after April 1, 2008.
In order to receive your pension benefit, you must complete a two-part Application, and submit all required supporting documents, within the required time periods.
Explanation of payment forms for annuity starting dates of June 1, 2010 and after.
Participants: Divorce or Legal Separation
The amount of your benefit can depend on whether you have ever been divorced (even if you are re-married). Divorce agreements may award a portion of the pension benefit to the ex-spouse or a dependent.
Under the law, the Plan is required to comply certain court orders, judgements, decrees or approved property settlements. This procedure contains a detailed description of the process used to determine the qualified status of a domestic relations order.
A model QDRO for Participants who are receiving a pension benefit.
A model QDRO for Participants who have not begun receiving pension benefits.
Important information on submitting a new beneficiary form if you are divorced or legally separated.
Donated Concerts
Policy on the Funds acceptance of contributions of proceeds of "Donated Concerts."