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Employer Participation


Eligible Employers
"Employer," "Employers" or "Contributing Employers" shall mean any employer acceptable to the Board (through Board approval or otherwise in accordance with procedures it establishes) that heretofore or hereafter is required or otherwise undertakes to contribute to the Plan and/or the Trust Fund on behalf of its Covered Employees pursuant to a Collective Bargaining Agreement. The term "Employer," "Employers" or "Contributing Employers" shall not include unincorporated self-employed persons or sole proprietorships with no other employees, or partnerships that have no employees other than partners.  For a list of Agreement/Employer requirements, Click Here.

Employer Participation
An Employer may participate in the Trust and the Plan by:

  1. Executing a Collective Bargaining Agreement, or otherwise establishing a consistent pattern of contributing to the Trust Fund on behalf of its employees pursuant to a Collective Bargaining Agreement;
  2. Designating a date on which such participation shall become effective;
  3. Designating the categories of employment and its Covered Employees for participation in the Plan; and
  4. Acceptance by the Board of the participation by such Employer in the Plan and Trust.

Limited liability companies that wish to participate must complete the following form and submit it as an Addendum to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

New Employer Package
Please contact the Fund Office at 1-800-833-8065 if you are an Employer who is interested in becoming a signatory employer of the Fund.  The Fund Office will send a "New Employer Package" that contains the following:

Covered Employees
"Covered Employee" or "Employee" shall mean an individual employed by an Employer to render services pursuant to the terms of a Collective Bargaining Agreement, including a shareholder of a corporation or an owner of a limited liability company (LLC) duly organized and operated under the laws of a state of the United States who is employed by that corporation or LLC to render service as a musician. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Covered Employee or Employee may in no event mean: (i) a self-employed person or sole proprietor who is an Employer (including, without limitation, a band leader) who is acting as his or her own employee; (ii) the spouse of a person described in (i); (iii) a partner of a partnership who is an Employer acting as an employee of such partnership; or (iv) an owner of an LLC who was a member of the plaintiff class in the Rochetti action that was settled in 1991.


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