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Making Contributions


Contributions must be made to the Pension Fund on behalf of an individual under the following situations:

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
A CBA that provides for pension contributions to the AFM-EPF obligates the Employer to contribute to the AFM-EPF for all the individuals performing on the engagement or session.

Employer Participation Agreement (PA)
A PA is a contract between an Employer and the AFM (or an AFM Local) that either supplement a CBA that does not contain all required terms or serves as a stand-alone CBA.

A Participation Agreement includes the following contractual elements:

  • contribution rates
  • definition of scale wages
  • due date for contributions
  • term of agreement
  • Employers' agreement to be bound to the Agreement and Declaration of Trust of the AFM-EPF.
  • Signature of Employer and Union.

Click on this link for a copy of a Participation Agreement.

Local Single Engagements - AFM Form LS-1
The LS-1 became effective January 1, 2003. This form includes the required contractual elements included in the Participation Agreement.

The LS-1 is different from the PA because the LS-1 is typically utilized for single engagements or multiple engagements for a single employer within a 31-day time period.  In addition, the LS-1 allows the employer to designate on the face of the form another entity or individual who will remit the check for pension contributions to the Fund Office.  For example, if the bandleader is identified as the designee on the LS-1, the bandleader can receive payment from an employer for wages and pension contributions for himself and the side musicians and write a personal check to the Fund for the total amount of the pension contributions for himself and the se musicians.

Click on a link for a copy of:

Other Important Information Pertaining to Contributions

Limitations on Reductions in Contributions - Rules limiting the ability of the bargaining parties to reduce a contributing employer's contribution rate below the existing contribution rates. 

The following policies should be kept in mind during negotiations for pension contributions to the AFM-EPF:

  • The Fund Office can approve CBAs and PAs which provide for pension contribution rates from 4% to 15% of scale wages. Agreements with pension contribution rates lower than 4% or higher than 15% require Board of Trustees' approval.
  • AFM Form LS-1 must stipulate pension contribution rates from 4% to 15% and must be accompanied by the pension contribution payment.
  • Contributions are due to the Fund no later than the end of the calendar month following the month in which the services were rendered.
  • Contributions are based on a percentage (%) of scale wages. The definition of scale wages for pension contributions is determined by the Employer and the Union.


For specific information, see Article IX of Agreement and Declaration of Trust.

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